Our programs are essential in building strong entrepreneurship ecosystem. We partner with organizations and governmental agencies that foster and highlight the changing face of entrepreneurship.


Capacity Building

  • Collaborate with Government Ministries and Agencies to provide funding for capability building programs with the aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborate with Training Agencies to deliver hands-on training programs accordance to the current development and needs of the industry.

Access to Funding

  • Collaborate with Government Ministries to provide financial support and incentive to members to expand and grow their business.

Market Access

  • Advisory and consultancy on marketing and international trade.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), local and international marketing partners to seek and identify potential market opportunities to promote members products, services and specialization.
  • Building business network through trade mission, exhibition and conference.
entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, young entrepreneur organization

Capacity Building Program

Relevant capacity building programs are essential in building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. We partner with industry experts that can assist to build your business stronger and turn big ideas into thriving business.

GMB’s capacity building programs and activities are about building yourself and others throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Whether you have a “thirst for learning” and seek a mentor to help you “boldly go,” or you have a strong desire to “make a mark” and give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs, with our coaching and hand-holding program we offer you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Access to Funding

Access to funding is the most important area where improvements would help entrepreneurs succeed. According to surveys, with the right policy, government can help enable a more diverse mix of funding options.

Towards collaboration with governmental agencies, we found that it’s essential for government to create a range of mechanisms and institutions that provide entrepreneurs with the capital they need to support their businesses at every stage of the growth journey (emerging, rapid-growth, or market leader).

entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, young entrepreneur organization
entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, young entrepreneur organization

Market Access & International Linkage

When entrepreneurs collaborate,  they can do more for their business. GMB connects entrepreneurs with global partners in every part of the world so they can team up and go further together.

As a new breed of entrepreneurs, domestic market seems to small for us. If you ever thought of exploring new markets, new consumer base in a foreign nation or like to make a follow-up visit to a market. – Join us today.


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